VR Porn Is Here & We’re All Fucked!

There was a time when people kept quiet about certain things. One of them was looking at pornography. But with the high use of the internet, Smartphones, social media and other things, times have changed. Society’s attitude about adult content has been shifting rapidly. So much so that viewing porno is no longer considered taboo. Today, one out of every four people browsing the web is checking out porn. Plus, it is not only men and teenagers alone who are the ones viewing smut. Women make up a large portion of those individuals who look at it as well. This is the age of adult content and people want as much of it as possible.

If that wasn’t scary enough, you now have virtual reality and augmented reality porn to deal with. They both been made possible due to technological advancements. Although AR is still in its early stages, some feel that it can impact the future of adult content. VR porn on the other hand, is already doing that now. This year alone, hundreds of thousands VR headsets have been sold. Most of their sales have been accredited to people interested in trying virtual reality porno. In addition, VR porn viewing has risen almost 265% the past year alone. There are more than 40 plus adult genres in the porn world, with many more as sub-genres. So it is no easy feat for a new category to come along and jump to the top ten most viewed. That’s exactly what VR porn has managed to do over the course of the year.

Like most people, I only thought virtual reality was used by gamers and high-tech companies. However, it turns out that more individuals use it to check out adult content than anything else. That’s according to Google Trends and several other stats put out last year. When it comes to virtual reality, it’s not just pornography that people can use it for. You also have VR apps for adults, sex toys that are VR interactive and much more. All of these things are great for couples looking to spice up their sex lives. Those who are curious about certain sex related issues and fetishes can also benefit from VR. And of course you there are people who use it to have VR sex or meet others in virtual reality worlds.

Not long ago, several of my friends got together during a party. The subject veered into hot girls, sex and ultimately porno. It was then that a few guys brought up VR porn and how different it was from normal smut. One guy in particular said it was a mind-blowing experience amounting to losing his virginity again. It was then and there that I became very intrigued and wanted to check it out for myself. I only look at porn once in a while and never really thought much about VR porn. But, after listening to the way these guys talked about how great VR porn was, I became intrigued. It wasn’t long after that when I finally tried it myself. After doing so the only thing I can honestly say is that we are all fucked!

The moment I put on the VR headgear, I was amazed and entranced. VR on its own is already mesmerizing and enjoyable. Yet it wasn’t until I watched my first VR porn sex video that I was astonished. A beautiful girl walked up to me in the video wearing provocative clothes. She asked me if I wanted to see her strip and then began taking off her clothes. The entire time I felt like the woman was right next to me. I felt like I was actually in the room with her as she began to strip. This was nothing compared to traditional porn viewing in front of a screen. Instead, I was completely immersed in a 3D world.

Since VR porn is recorded using 360 degree angles, my body felt it was inside the porn video. Also, most VR sex movies are recorded with a superimposed virtual male body. The body represents you and since it is recorded in 180-degree, it pretty much looks and feels like it is you. When the girl began to suck on my virtual reality cock, I was taken aback. As she put her firm tits in front of my face, I actually reached out to grab them. It looked and felt that realistic where it seemed possible. Once she began to open her legs and show me her shaved pussy, my real dick was hard.

To say I was blown away is understatement. I was literally feeling like this beautiful chick was right there next to me. Like it was me fucking her in the VR porno movie I was watching. Of course I ended up masturbating about 4 times that day watching different virtual reality sex videos. Now I finally understand what the fuzz is all about. Those who worried porn viewing was already too rampant have no idea what’s in store once VR porn becomes more popular. VR porn is the future of looking at pornography. The minute you put on VR headgear, you too will say we are truly fucked!