How do you use a virtual reality headset?

After staying in the background for years, virtual reality has finally come to a store near you. The technology has finally come to a level where it can trick your brain into believing the virtual is real. We are so close to living in the Matrix age!!. In this article, we will help you set up your first VR device and give you important guidelines to make your VR experience hassle-free and safe.

Which headset to buy?

Depending on your budget and the input method, you can either buy a PC based headset, a smartphone powered headset or a standalone headset. Although they are available at different price points, the functioning of VR headsets is fairly similar across all brands.

The Setup

Setup is the most important step in determining your first VR experience. If you read the instructions and following them, your experience will be fantastic. Skip it and it could cause major trouble for you.

 First, read all the safety instructions in the manual. Each device has a specific set of requirements. Unwrap all components and add the necessary batteries, etc. If it is smartphone powered, plug your phone in and set up the interpupillary distance for each eye. Some headsets allow for separate setup for each eye while others do both at the same time. Check the setting each time to make sure they have not changed accidentally.

The Precautions

 In your first trial, use VR content only for two to three minutes and notice how you feel. Take a 10-15 minute break before you resume again. People prone to seasickness are affected by motion sickness when using VR. Take Dramamine or an equivalent tablet after consulting your doctor before starting in VR.

 If you feel uneasy while using VR, stop immediately. Reduce the brightness and contrast, change the content to something mild and check your settings to see if there is a change in the lens setup. Take a long break and try again.

 Never use VR when you are tired or under the influence of alcohol or other substances. The experiences are very realistic. Do not try horror or action content in the first round.

Keep the surrounding area clear of things that might trip you over and it is always best to have an adult watch you when you use VR for the first time.

After the Game

After you finish playing your first game, sit or lie down for a few minutes. Do not walk or drive a car. Sometimes, the effects of VR occur a few minutes after you stop using the headset.

 If any other person wants to use your headset. Help them change the lens setting before allowing them to start the games. If they use the VR headset without changing the settings, they may experience vertigo, dizziness or even nausea.

 Once you master these basics, VR world will be a fantastic place for you to sit back and enjoy the amazing content.

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